Essentiality of Curries in Indian Cuisine

Some years back, all that was famous about Indian cuisine were curries. Indian curries have a flavour and taste second to none and it caught on among the Westerners quite rapidly. With the availability of many other famous Indian foods in offshore places such as Indian restaurant in Adelaide, the choices have been expanded. But till date, there is a particular liking for Indian curries. This Indian delicacy is prepared differently in every regional Indian cuisine.

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Indian Curry

The word ‘Curry’ originated from a South Indian word ‘Kari’ which means a fine blend of different sauces, spices and coconut. However, it has spread to all parts of India and there are different ingredients used in different provinces. There are many spices, meat and vegetables used in the preparation of curry at Adelaide restaurants catering Indian food. Adaptability is one of the leading reasons for the flourishing of curry as a popular Indian dish. British officers (when they ruled India) preferred the curry over all other Indian dishes. It was fiery and hot which went well with the British. Curry became popular in the European societies with the word of mouth of these British officers.

Though the curries were originally hot and fiery in taste, they would not suit the taste buds of all, especially those who like bland food. This is why, over centuries, curry has gone through many modifications. Some restaurants in North Adelaide will ask for your preference when you order for the Indian curry. It can be tempered in terms of spices. Today, the curries are custom-made in popular Indian restaurants. Most of the essential curry spices are still used, but sparingly. You can order vegetarian forms of the curry too. Curries are ideal side dishes to be consumed with rice.

Curry is undoubtedly the most popular Indian food, if you happen to visit any Indian restaurant in Adelaide, do not forget to order for some curry.


Guide to Some Culinary Terms that You May Encounter at Indian Restaurants in North Adelaide

Diversity is one of the leading reasons for the popularity of Indian food in Adelaide and in other parts of Australia. Adelaide having a large Indian population caters to the needs of the settled Indians with a rich variety of Indian restaurants in North Adelaide. There are take away counters and authentic restaurants in this region. Many Australians who have tasted the Indian food once have fallen in love with these culinary treats. Often the fame of Indian food and restaurants in North Adelaide has spread with word of the mouth. There is Indian food to celebrate all the occasions. If you need to have a sumptuous lunch or dinner or may be a snack party at evening, there are food options aplenty too.


Indian Food

One of the leading concerns for Australians visiting the Indian food catering CBD Restaurants in Adelaide is the special terminology used at the restaurants. The names and specifications are very hard to understand if you do not have a keen understanding on Indian culture. But this small problem should not stop you from visiting Indian restaurants in North Adelaide. So, below is a list of culinary terms commonly used at restaurants in North Adelaide.

  • Baghar (Tempering): Tempering is the first process in Indian cooking. Tempering is done before adding any vegetables or at last when the cooking is ready. Spices used for the dish are put one by one into hot oil. When mixed with the oil extracts the dish gives out strong aroma and the dish is coated with the spices. This is also known as Chonk or Tadka.
  • Balchao (Pickling): This is commonly used in Goanese food and it means sea food such as prawn and other fishes are pickled with vinegar and sugar for one or two days before they are cooked.
  • Bhunao (Stir Fry): When you are frying items such as tomatoes, chillies, onion and garlic the pasted sticks onto the pan in the heat. To save the ingredients from sticking onto the pan there is water added to the spices before the vegetables or meat is added.
  • Bhunna: This means roasting. Meat is roasted in tandoors or mud ovens. When the fat content in the meat and marinade gets together on coal there is a lot of steam permeated. There is a special smoky flavour added to the dish.

There are many more terms used which will be pondered over at a later date. Please Feel free to contact us for any Indian food queries.

South Indian Cuisine: A Vegetarians Paradise

India, especially South India, was touted by many travellers as the best place to visit for vegetarians. Not only because of its places of attraction but also due to the rich variety of vegetarian food available in these parts. With the rise of authentic Indian Restaurant in Adelaide you will not have to travel all the way to India for tasting these delicious vegetarian dishes. They are all available with the best Indian restaurant in North Adelaide. The food habits of the Western cuisine are high on fat and thus many health conscious individuals shun non-vegetarian dishes from their diet altogether. But the Australian cuisine does not have the richness in choice of vegetarian preparations as does the South Indian cuisine.

South India is a land of temples and all the devout Hindus from this land are vegetarians. The food is hot in taste. Most of the dishes are rice based dishes. Sambar is a type of lentil soup that is prepared with various vegetables. South Indians use this as an accompaniment with rice. If you are looking for variation in lentil preparations then there is Rasam which is a bit sour and spicier. The South Indian cuisine will also offer you with chutneys (which are mostly made with coconut) and poppadums (deep fried and crunchy lentil pancakes). Don’t be afraid to taste some coffee at a vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide which specialises in South Indian cooking. South Indians are also known for their love for coffee. The coffee is quite different, but rejuvenating all the same. The king of South Indian cuisine, especially when we talk of snacks, is Masala Dosa. This is a type of rice flour lentil pancake which is made with sliced onions and filled with various other vegetables. It should be eaten by dipping in Sambar soup.

South Indian cuisine is an amalgamation of rich aroma and spicy taste. There are varying levels of hot and spicy tastes available within this cuisine. You will have dishes with various colours, aromas, seasoning and dietary balance. Best Indian restaurant in North India employ qualified South Indian chefs to prepare the authentic dishes.

Why Indian Restaurant is a Popular Option to Eat out in Adelaide

Indian cuisine is known in Adelaide for its variety of preparations and tastes, and also fresh and rich flavours. In Indian cooking, the nutritional value of food is kept intact while the taste is enhanced with the use of different spices. Pickles and salads have their roots in India. These are served as accompaniments with the main course. Different parts of India have different cultures. With the difference in culture, the cooking also varies, bringing great diversity to Indian cuisine. If you have heard great things about foods served at Indian restaurant take away and find it hard to believe, it would be wise to pay a visit and check out the quality of food for yourself. More and more people are finding a liking for the Indian cuisine served in Adelaide restaurants. But what are the reasons for such popularity of Indian food? Let us find out.

  • Flavours: Indian food is well known for its flavours and aroma. There is a rich variety of spices used while cooking that creates an impression on your taste buds.
  • Choices: As mentioned before, Indian cuisine is very diverse. The Punjabi cuisine is drastically different from the Gujarati or Bengali cuisine and so on. You will be spoilt for choices when you are looking at Indian food menus of home food delivery Adelaide. Whether you like it spicy or bland, you will find all types of dishes. There are not many cuisines in the world which will present you with hundreds of choices for starter, main course and dessert.Indian Food
  • Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian: Whether you like meat or are a fan of vegetables, there are many choices that you will find. The Guajarati and South Indian cuisine is well known for vegetarian dishes while Punjabi and Hyderabadi cuisines are known for their non-vegetarian cooking.  While ordering for home food delivery Adelaide, you have to enquire about the taste of dishes before making a final choice.
  • Number of Restaurants: There are many Adelaide restaurants known for catering quality Indian food. Most of them have the provision of Indian restaurant take away or home food delivery. So, you will not have any problem finding Indian food or savoring it in the comfort of your home. The prices are affordable too.

Visit or order for home food delivery Adelaide from a reputable restaurant and judge the quality of food for yourself.

What to expect from Punjabi Cuisine?

Punjab is known for two things – the warm hearted people and delicious food available in the Punjabi cuisine. Punjabi cuisine comprises of hot and spicy dishes that are prospered with the use of many spices to give great flavour. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available in the Punjabi thalis. Restaurants in North Adelaide serving the Punjabi cuisine reports that most people walking into their restaurant cannot have enough of the Punjabi thalis. There are many spicy items within a Punjabi thali alongside some sweet dishes. If you order for Punjabi thali as home food delivery within Adelaide then you can expect the food parcel to contain dal makhani, shahi paneer, aloo matar and malai kofta. These dishes prepared with the use of pure homemade ghee and many healthy spices.

You may also expect to taste the much acclaimed rajma with pulao or rice. In terms of breads there is a wide selection available in the Punjabi

Monsoon Home food delivery

Monsoon Home Food Delivery

cuisine. You may opt for thetandoori rotis or opt for the tawa paratha. A typical Punjabi thali also starts with somestarters and pickles. Tandoori dishes are a specialty of Punjabi cuisine and you can expect some varieties of Tandori to be served to you as a starter. These are baked rather than fried, so they are completely safe to consume if you are a heath fanatic.

Papad is also an important item within the Punjabi thali. Salads are also served with the Punjabi dishes. You can opt for plain rice or pulao in the main course. The spicy meat preparations of Punjabi cuisine have been appreciated worldwide. The fragrance of these dishes makes you hungry. Do not forget to gulp down a glass full of Lassi which is made with milk and curd.

Punjabis are health freaks. They like to have a great physique, so all the Punjabi dishes catered Indian restaurant  Adelaide are healthy and safe to consume. The taste of Punjabi cuisine is definitely better than the Western food catered at CBD restaurants.

Why You Should Head To an Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Adelaide

Like most parts of the world, an increasing number of people are turning towards a vegetarian diet in Adelaide. This change has a lot to do with degenerative diseases that are caused by heavy intake of animal protein. Life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, heart problems and diabetes are aggravated by heavy intake of animal protein. To keep such health disasters at bay, people of Adelaide are adopting vegetarian dietary practices. But due to the super-busy lifestyle of today, preparing vegetarian foods at home is not always possible; hence, one needs to look for a vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide.

Indian restaurant Adelaide

Indian restaurant Adelaide

Indian cuisine has a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. Did you know that the world’s largest vegetarian population is in India? Most Indians become vegetarian due to religious and cultural reasons. An Indian restaurant Adelaide that specializes in vegetarian foods will offer you many gastronomic pleasures while at the same time help you stay away from animal protein.

Indians cook vegetables in hundreds of delicious recipes. If you visit a vegetarian restaurant catering for Indian food, you will be surprised to see the variety of dishes that you will find hard to believe contains no animal protein whatsoever. Simple ingredients such as soya beans and cottage cheese can do wonders if cooked by a talented chef. These restaurants employ extremely talented and extensively experienced chefs from India to prepare delectable dishes that the people of Adelaide enjoy so much.

Most Indian vegetarian foods are prepared using fresh ingredients. Almost no preservative is used to enhance the taste of these foods and that makes them so yummy and so healthy. If you are thinking of calling a home food delivery Adelaide, try an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide and you will notice the difference yourself.

The most common spices used in Indian cooking include: turmeric, cardamom, ginger, garlic, coriander, black pepper, cumin and clove. All of these have their own health benefits such as:

  • Turmeric is a natural antiseptic that purifies blood and helps keep your skin blemish-free
  • Cardamom strengthens your lungs and heart
  • Ginger promotes faster digestion of food
  • Garlic relieves joint pain, sinus related pain, toothache and gas
  • Garlic also provides relief from dry cough and congestion
  • Coriander helps you digest food better
  • Black pepper gives relief from loss of appetite and dry hemorrhoids
  • Cumin takes away abdominal pain, cramps and boosts your digestive system
  • Clove relieves toothache, cough, cold and sinus

Find an Indian restaurant Adelaide where quality vegetarian foods are served. If there aren’t any in your area, look up on the Internet and find one that’s catering for Indian food so that you can order on the phone for a home food delivery Adelaide.

Although all Indian vegetarian dishes are awesome, you can order samosas, cholay-puris, any preparation of paneer or cottage cheese, pea pulao or veg. biryani. These items are the choicest among the extensive menu you will find in a good Indian vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide.

Support these Indian restaurant Adelaide by frequently visiting or ordering food from them so that they can keep catering for Indian food.

Get Protein-Rich Foods at Vegetarian Restaurant in Adelaide

When you are trying to lose weight, there is need to consume as much protein as possible. Protein is a diet component that maintains muscle mass, this muscle mass in turn is vital for weight loss or to obtain a great physique. Western cuisines use a lot of red meat which is harmful for any diet plan. Fortunately, now Adelaide residents can turn to any vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide that is catering for Indian food. Foods served in these restaurants are rich in all the necessary proteins along with great taste. But, how does Indian cuisine serve high-protein food? Let’s have a look at certain high-protein ingredients that are used in Indian cuisine.

Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

Cottage cheese is a delicacy coming from North and Central India. These states have a large percentage of vegetarians. Paneer is a dairy product that is prepared from raw milk. It contains protein in the right amount along with amino acids. About 12 oz. serving of Paneer contains 14 grams of protein. There are various preparations of Paneer available in any Indian vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide.

vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide

Vegetarian Restaurant in Adelaide

Lentils (Dal)

Lentils are cooked extensively in India. Various types of lentils are consumed by Indians. They are a very common accompaniment for rice. Dal is a great source of protein, is very high in fibre and contains vital micro nutrients. There are various preparations of dal available at restaurants catering for Indian food.

Kidney Beans (Rajma)

Kidney bean preparations are a specialty of North India. These are very easy to prepare and they are high on protein content as well.

Nuts (Badaam)

There are various types of nuts used in Indian preparations. These not only add more taste to the dishes but they are loaded with calories too. Right from cashews to almonds, walnuts to pistachios – all these nuts are used in dishes prepared by expert chefs catering for Indian food.

So when you want to add some proteins to your diet plan without going for meat, and yet enjoy great taste, it is best to call a vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide and order for home food delivery in Adelaide.